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Some tips upon arrival:

If you arrive on Aruba late in the evening: Most Chinese supermarkets on your way to Modanza are open until 10 pm. Just before arriving at Modanza, you pass supermarket Hong Kong (which is mentioned in the directions to the villa). This supermarket provides you with all necessary items, such as coffee/tea, milk, bread, cheese, soft drinks/beer/wine etc. In case you arrive after 10 pm, you can shop at a 24 hours shop, just across the street form Supermarket Hong Kong.

For shopping during your holiday, we advise Superfood. www.superfoodaruba.com

Upon arrival at the villa: Take off your warm clothes, have a cold drink and jump into the swimming pool! But it is also important to check the inventory list to see if everything is there. When you leave, the inventory list will be checked again and if there are damages, these will be deducted from your deposit sum.

Air conditioning: All bedrooms have air conditioning. We advise you to only use the air conditioning during the night. During the day, you won't be using the bedrooms, so this would unnecessarily higher you energy bill.

Water: The Aruban drinking water is the cleanest and purest in the world. The Aruban waterworks cleans and filters the water in such a way that it is also processed by the Aruban coral. This results in the purest spring water. So you can drink the Aruban water straight from the tap, without boiling it first. This also means that the water on Aruba is costly.

Doctor/Hospital/Emergency telephone number: The local newspaper can be bought at several locations (e.g. supermarket). Make a note of which doctor is on duty.
Aruba has excellent medical facilities. It is recommended to get a travel insurance that covers medical expenses. If you are on medication, make sure that you bring enough. Your medicine might not be available on the Island.
The telephone numbers for emergencies are 111 000 for police, 115 for fire department and 74300 for an ambulance.

The international dialling code for Aruba is 00297.
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