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Informatie over Aruba

Location and size

Aruba is situated in the heart of the Southern Caribbean, about 20 kilometres off the coast of Venezuela. The Island is 30 kilometres long and 9 kilometres at its broadest point. The total size of the Island is about 180 km2.


On Aruba the sun (almost) always shines and the average temperature is 28 degrees C. Most of the time, there is a light breeze which makes the temperature seem a bit cooler. There are hardly any tornados on Aruba, as it is located outside the tornado-zone. When staying on Aruba, you will probably not have any rain. The average amount of rain is 400 mm per year (50% less than in Holland). And if there is rain, it will be just a short shower.


The population of Aruba amounts to approximately 100.000 people. Most Arubans have a mix of Caiquetio Indian, African and European roots. Aruba has a high living standard and a strong economy. This, combined with the good climate, attracts people from all over the world. Therefore, the population consists of a colourful international group of people. All nationalities, however, share their hospitality and feeling for a good life!


The currency on Aruba is the Aruban florin. There are coins of 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents, 1 florin and 5 florin. The "yotin", the square shaped 50 cents coin, stands out between all the other circular shapes coins! The exchange rate of the florin depends on that of the American dollar. All over Aruba, American dollars are accepted. In some places you can also pay with Euros. You can change money at all banks.


The scenery on Aruba is splendid and surely not typical for all Caribbean islands. The west- and east coast have broad white sandy beaches, which are often elected to be the most beautiful in the world. The Northern coast, on the windward side, is rough and rocky. The inland of Aruba has lots of cactuses that are metres high, low bushes and rocks. The most famous tree is the Watapana, more commonly known as the dividivi tree. This beautifully shaped tree can be seen all around the island.

Time difference

On Aruba, compared to Holland, is it, depending on our summer- and wintertime, 5 hours (in winter) or 6 hours (in summer) earlier.
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